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Hello, and welcome to the main page for Ludicrital; the TOTALLY NORMAL webcomic made by blitzdoughnuts, with love for Sparklecare.

This webcomic is a few things: a passion project, a borderline fan creation in vein of Sparklecare, and a commentary on mental health in the workplace, inside and outside of hospitals or corporations.

Ludicrital follows Lukifer Dredd, a newly hired cat that's earned himself the job of a surgeon, among other things, at the Limetown Hospital, shrouded in mystery and myths of insanity. It's clear that something here's off, but it might be okay there... hopefully. Whatever myths there even are, some seem to apply; the hospital has a strange case of nearly every patient, and even those outside of the inpatients, becoming irrationally crazy or otherwise troublesome to deal with.

Alongside the unfurtunate Lukifer is several staff members working to maintain and fulfill the ACTUAL goal of the hospital; a downtrodden nurse, an unfazed doctor and manager, a near-traumatized second surgeon working alongside him, among others. As for the patients, no words may describe what they're like, especially when they AREN'T trying to cause (or remedy) the sheer anarchy of their own upbringing. Maybe there's other people he'll meet along the way, if not himself,

You can begin reading this... hellhole of a comic here.
Please note that this comic is work-in-progress, and some (as in most recent) pages are unfinished. Hopefully they still convey the story... hopefully.

Updates whenever. Check the website or RSS feed every once in a while, in case something updates.

WARNING: This comic contains the following potentially disturbing material and/or content unadvisable for younger audiences:
Blood and injuries, vulgar speech, implications of psychological trauma and breakdowns, mentions and displays of self-harm, and likely other potential triggers or disturbances.
A specialized comic viewer will be put in place to warn of any of these.

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