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Wake to Hell

Hello, and welcome to the main page for Wake to Hell; the side story to LUDICRITAL made by blitzdoughnuts, in appreciation of tracker music and originally minor distaste of certain anarchist philosophies.

This game was made as a way to improve my programming skills, a way to build onto LUDICRITAL's story, and as experimentation with a way of design that sucks less.

Wake to Hell follows Lukifer Dredd, a formerly employed professional at a hospital in some nondiscrept location in Florida. Something just feels wrong one day, yet he keeps on going through his day as normal... or tries to, at least. Look around and take in the air, find out what things are like while everyone's gone, and maybe discover yourself along the way.

You can play this game here; you can download a ZIP and extract it to start playing, or compile it from source. Note that, much like LUDICRITAL, Wake to Hell is a work-in-progress project, and some things may not be well-polished.

WARNING: This game contains similarly unsuitable content to LUDICRITAL:
Blood and injuries, vulgar speech and themes, implications of mental breakdowns and self-harm, and likely other potential triggers or disturbances.
Discretion is advised when playing this game.

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